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RE: A. sp. 'Pimentel'

>You have found one of the species on my top five list!
Ha! These small triumphs are what keep me struggling through life!

>But I live in Sweden so I will not be able to buy the >remaining three :-(
I only really picked these up to keep them together so that if anyone wanted
to try and breed them they'd know where to get some from. I'll probably give
them to Ray Blackburn in exchange for a pint or two, he'll breed about
10,000 and then everyone will be sick of them (you listenin', Blackie?).
I am finding them to be as tough as boots though. The advantage of having
placed them in an aquarium with leaf litter is that I am hardly having to
feed them. They are picking at the leaf surfaces constantly, and they are
thriving on whatever it is they are finding (as are the baby Iguanodectes I
have in with them). 

>We have a nice shop in south of sweden who is regulary >importing apistos
from S-A. So perhaps they can also get hold >of some pimentel.
I don't think you can order Pimentel specifically, I'm pretty sure it is a
case of getting the Tapajos Dicrossus and hoping.
I will make enquiries as to the contact details for the exporter. How close
are you to Germany? I know the exporter sends fish there quite regularly.
>I will get a box of wildcaught Ap. Commbrae next week from >them! 
Nice. That's a fish I'd like to try. Are they from a Southern population?

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