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Easier Apistos To Start With - Suggestions

Hi everyone -

I just rejoined the mailing list since I am getting back into my fish. Three
or four years ago I bread some cacatuoides several times and I really
enjoyed it. Later I was able to breed some pelvicachromis pulchers. Had fun
with that too.

Anyway there is an auction this weekend in Minneapolis and I am fairly
certainly someone will be auctioning off some Apistos, Laetacara or

What are some of the easier breeds to raise? I have fairly decent water.
When I did the reading a few days ago it was a pH of 6.8 (falling from the
initial setup of 7.2), dKH of 4 and a dGH of 7. I'll be starting CO2 soon
for the plants so I am sure the pH will fall some more. Anyways looking for
some ideas. I would hate to grab a trio or what not and find out they are on
the difficult side for breeding.

Thanks for the help.

Mike McGrath

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