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Re: fish stores

In a message dated 11/5/03 9:25:08 PM, zerelli@yahoo.com writes:

<< Wow Lee it must be a strange place that you live in! >>

Well, when I said there were no LFS any more, I really meant the individually 
owned LFS. There are plenty of chain stores with disinterested managers and 
employees. MY favorite store just closed this past summer because the owner 
could not compete with the chains and he could not make a living working 16 hours 
a day for no profit. The chain stores and mail order (on line) stores are 
hard to compete against. He had different Apistos almost every week - one or two 
pairs at $20 - $40 a pair. He had a difficult time selling them, despite the 
fact they were breeding pairs that spawned in his tanks.

Lee Harper
Media, PA

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