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Re: fish stores

I always love hearing about fish stores im probably never going to get
to see....

Ive been in some really good ones over the years and still am amazed at
the great selection that The Fish Place in North Tonowanda , just
outside of Buffalo NY has....   It's truly a rare occasion when i go in
there and CANT find something i want!!

Keep up all the good work on letting us know what good shops are out
there.....   I agree with Lee that alot of the older Mom and Pop shops
that catered to all hobbyiest of all levels of experience are
disappearing... The chains are driving them out...... I praise all that
dont cave to the big corporate stores..... Not that the big chains dont
have some nice fish at good prices, but i'll always buy from the little
guy first!!  I have learned alot of my knowledge in this hobby from ppl
running those shops.... willing to listen to me run on and on about what
i was doing wrong and help me when i needed it most..    

Ok, ive rambled on a bit too much!!   Back to being quiet again...

HOpe to see you all in Cleveland in 16 days!!  Woohoo...... Cichlids

Tundra Johnny

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