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Re: BBS Help

This is how I do my bbs.
I use a 2 liter bottle.
I clean it with a bleach and water solution by filling
the bottle with hot water in a sink and then pour a
couple ounces of bleach in it.  Then I put the top on
the container and let it slowly go out through the
hose.  Once it's empty, a few minutes later, I rinse
it with hot water and wipe the interior and the top
with a clean paper towel. I even get the build up of
gunk in the cap with a q-tip.

To set it up for use.  I hook it back to the air
source.  Then I fill it to 2 inches from the top with
warm water straight from the tap. Do not use

I use the touch system for getting the temperature
right. Something like how mothers check the
temperature of the milk in a bottle on their elbow.
Around 80 degrees or so, I guess.

The water is bubbling furiously and I add two
teaspoons of aquarium salt and a pinch of epsom.  Next
I add one teaspoon of eggs, put the cap on and turn
the air down a little. I have a 40 watt bulb that is a
few inches from the bottle that stays on all night. 
If I start the culture at 6 pm one day, it is ready to
use by 6 or 7pm the next.

One problem I use to have is once I opened a can I
made the mistake of not putting the remaining eggs in
smaller container like baby food jars and keeping them
in the fridge.  Otherwise the eggs would seem to go
bad and clump and foam instead of hatching as if the
container wasn't clean.

Good containers to keep the remainder of eggs from a 1
lb can besides baby food jars are empty Tetramin fish
food containers.  Any type of container that is no
more than 4 oz and has a lid that fits securely will
work.  Old eggs are good for practising decapsulation.


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