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Re: Deformed Fry

Alan Whitten wrote:

> My Rotpucts have been breeding like convicts as of late, and I am
> starting to deal with a large number of fry for the first time.  I have
> notieced that I have quite a few deformed fry.  They all have the
> same deformation of: stunted growth, a bent spine, and a lack of
> any kind of swim bladder control.  The grow out tanks get a 50% water
> change at least once every two weeks.

 The grow out tanks are how large and house how many fry of what size?
there "clean up" animals in the tanks (what?) or another means by which
uneaten food is removed daily? Are the tanks mechanically filtered, and
- if
so - on what kind of schedule are the filters maintained?
 Were this a genetic issue, roughly the same percentage of fry should be
affected from each spawn... I can only assume that it is
environmental/nutritional in nature. Is there any possibility of an
intermittent toxin (aerosols or fumes)? Have you tested all water
perameters, including nitrate?


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