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Deformed Fry

My Rotpucts have been breeding like convicts as of late, and I am
starting to deal with a large number of fry for the first time.  I have
notieced that I have quite a few deformed fry.  They all have the 
same deformation of: stunted growth, a bent spine, and a lack of
any kind of swim bladder control.  The fry just scoot along the 
bottom after food.  The fry have never exibited normal swimming

Not all my fry have been effected by the deformation, but it seems 
that entire spawnings are effected.  My most recient spawn appears
to be swimming normally, where other spawns from the same fish have
produced deformed fry.

The grow out tanks get a 50% water change at least once every two

I don't know if the breeding pair I have are related, but I suspect that
they are.  The only think I have ever treated the tanks with is Macryel
for blue-green algae, but that was months ago.

Would any of y'all venture a guess as to why I have had entire 
batches of fry with the same deformation?

C. Alan

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