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Re: Pimental Problem?

"Liptrot, Pete" wrote:

> My, the list has been quiet for a while.
> I'm a bit concerned about one of my female Pimental Apistos. She's been nice
> and plump for a while, and now all of a sudden she's gone skinny and has
> turned a funny colour, almost jaundiced in appearance. She's also in a very
> bad mood, even with the male who she was being quite friendly with only
> recently.
> Should I be worried?
> I have to ask because it looks like another of my females is starting to do
> the same thing.......

 This sounds like a syndrome that I have seen in my tanks on occasion. Are you
also noticing behavioral issues with your female? Reclusiveness and perhaps
obsessive occupation with adhesions to a particular part of the tank's decor? I
often begin treatment of tanks with such afflicted animals with baby brine
shrimp or microworms about a week or so after onset of symptoms. I agree that it
can be worrisome, and hope this helps.


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