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RE: Pimental Problem?

>as for salt water apistos, well i've been trying to keep >them, but they
don't do so well...i guess i am not adding >enough salt.  Morten's is still
the best, right?

I normally just visit all the local fast food 'restaurants' and steal all
the little salt sachets.

She's still a funny colour and appears to now have obsessive/compulsive
disorder about the underside of a leaf.
I don't know what's under there but she won't let anyone else see.
Perhaps I should go with that Erythrinus the guy in the shop suggested...

It's amazing to see the amount of energy contained in just 2cm of fish body.
The sudden colour changes are wonderful to watch whenever she perceives a
potential threat. I never get tired of seeing how a guarding female can
totally dominate a male twice her length and easily four times her bulk.
Hopefully the young will survive them I can distribute them around, and then
I'll give the adults to Ray then he can really start producing them.
There are still some of the Dicrossus that these came in with at BAS, they
are now sexable and the males are gorgeous.

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