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Aweful quiet lately

Hey All

Hope all your fish are doing well..... Must be no ones having any
problems with their fish..... or no ones bought any new apistos
lately....   Things here are quiet.... no new species for me just
working with a few old time favorites.... trying to pick up or reacquire
some species Ive done in the past....but looks like with Winter setting
in for good now... I'll have to wait till spring to ship in anything
really good!!!   Im mostly happy that im working with my F1 generation
Apistogramma sp Maulbruter...  So far it turns out that this is a nice
Colony spawning species for me.... I would have never thought this from
this species.... but i've got juvies of all different sizes in the
tank.... now that the biggest of the F1's are breeding size, looks like
one Pair has picked a corner flower pot to set up shop..... lets hope i
see some fry swimming with the parents soon....  

Keep warm ppl.... Im sure trying to here in the frozen wastelands of New
York..... 8-)

Tundra Johnny 

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