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Looking for these fish

Greetings from South Carolina,
I'm looking for these fish.......can anyone help me out here?
Dave P.

My ?WISH? list ~ If you have any of these fish please contact me?..Thanks!



   Buscheri?s (both varieties)
   Albino Brichardi
   Microgeophagus Altispinosa ?Bolivian Ram?
   Apistogramma Inca
   Apistogramma Meinkeni
   Apistogramma Paucisquamis
   Apistogramma sp. (Red Wedged Apistogramma)
   Apistogramma sp. Tucurui
   Apistogramma Caetei 
   Apistogramma Pertensis
   Apistogramma Inca
   Apistogramma Apache
   Champsochromis Caerillius ?Trout Cichlid?
   Crenicichla Compressiceps
     ?     ?   ?    Notophyhalmus
     ?     ?   ?    Regani
   Dicrussus Filamentosus
   Dicrussus Maculatus
   Jalo Reef Afra?s
   Laetacaraq Curviceps
   Nannacara Anomala
   Nannacara Aureocephalus 
   Papilochromis Altispinosa ?Bolivian Butterfly Cichlid?
   Papilochromis Ramirezi regular & golden variety
   Rhamochromis Macrathalmus ?Barracuda Cichlid?
   Teleocichla Cinderella
   Teleocichla Gephyrogramma
   Teleocichla Monogramma
   Also looking for the CD-Rom ?The Cichlids Of Lake Malawi?



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