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My Levamisole came in at the vet...

The ongoing saga of treating my Cacatoides for nematoides continues.....

My vet was not able to get Levamisole Hydrochloride, but he was able to get
Levamisole Phosphate.

It is disolved in water, and my vet told me he has used it in IV's before,
so the water solubility should
not be an issue.  Has any one tried to use the phosphate version of this
drug on fish before?

My search of thekrib turned up a dosage of 1mg per 7.5 liters of tank water
when using a 7.5%
concentrate of the drug.  The concentrate of the drug I have recieved is

I need to treat a 27 gallon tank (about 25 net gallons of water).

So, I think the math for the dosage is as follows: (some one please check

1ml/7.5L = .13ml/1L

7.5% / 13.67% = .54

.13ml/1L * .54 = .072ml/1L

25 Gallons = 94.63L

.072ml/1L * 94.63L = 6.81ml of medicine.

I was told by my vet that Levasole has fallen out of use in the United
States at a deworming agent, there
are newer drugs that work better in animals.  However, the drug is still
avalible because it is used in colon
cancer treatment.

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