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Re: pandurini's

Hello Greg

If you plan on keeping all 4 fish in that same 10 gallon tank, you're
going to have trouble.   If you really want to do justice to those fish,
place a single pair in a 10 gallon tank... anymore then that and you are
going to have casualties.   i have kept this species and have found that
it does best in pairs... they dont seem to tolerate other fish of the
same species in the same tank once a pair has formed. 

Also, even in a heavily planted tank, a single pair needs several
different hiding caves.  I have always placed at least 4 different
flower pots in my apisto tanks.   This way it gives the pair a choice as
to where they want to spawn.  Even a good mated pair always seems to
choose a different spot to spawn with each different spawning.

A good varied diet will condition your fish to get them ready for
spawning.   Live foods works best, daphnia, black worms, brine shrimp,
then i go with frozen blood worms, i also use Tetra Color bits and good
flake foods with my apistos.

Good luck with your fish.

Tundra Johnny

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