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Re: lesson learned the hard way !


My first investment wouldnt be a generator but some insulation in that
house of yours..... Oh my lord, a drop inside of 10 hrs without power to
an internal house temp of 42F... wow, thats really bad... might as well
open the windows!!

in 1998 the Northeastern USA and eastern provinces of Canada experienced
the ice storm.
Many ppl were without power for anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks.  I
personally lost power for over 6 days.... fortunately for me, outside
temps that January storm only went into the low 20s F at night ... temps
in my house dipped to around 38°F.... i only lost a couple of dozen
fish in the 100+ tanks i was maintaining.   Temps went down slow and
then leveled off.... Im not sure if Neptune... or some other Fish God
was watching over my house.. but when the power came back on, i did NOT
rush to warm the tanks back up.... i allowed the tanks to gradually come
back up to heated room temperature...  Im sure this is what saved most
of my fish...i didnt even have an Ich problem when things finally came
back to normal.... funny thing was, several pairs of apistos immediately
spawned after temps returned to normal.    A key thing i learned to do,
when you lose power and temps in tanks fall, do not attempt to feed
fish. they dont eat in cooler temps and the food only rots and causes
the water to foul... Hardest hit by the storm and power outage were my
Adult Angelfish and my Tropheus Duboisi group that i had raised for 1.5
years... Those guys really hurt me alot!!  I barely lost any apistos,
nor saw any ill effects from the cold water..

Insulate your house better or buy a portable Heater... something that
will keep your house warm during power outages....

We had a power outage here in Tupper lake today  for a good part of the
day. several hours as a matter of fact... temps inside my apartment
didnt even drop below 68F.... Us North eastern ppl know how to insulate
our homes..!!!   My only concern with the power outage today was if i
would wake up in time to go to work,  not my fish, i knew they would be
fine!!  Oh and outside temperature yesterday was around -25°F when the
power went out...  Presently its -32°F...  Im just waiting for spring
to arrive!!   its supposed to warm up alot by Monday, may even break
20F..... a heat spell in the Tundra..

Tundra Johnny

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