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Re: Ram breeding

  Your breeding tank sounds ok. I put in some plants; Java Ferns, Java Moss, 
Anubias and maybe some floaters. I add the plants to reduce stress and give 
the fry a place they can find some micro stuff to eat. Some rams breed better 
than others, depends on the genes. Some tricks I use: Keep your water soft. A 
high percent of RO water, maybe fitered through peat. A low pH is good too. I 
keep mine between 5.5 and 7.0. I add one of those almond leaves to the tank. It 
helps to stop egg distroying fungus. Feed the pair a variety of foods. BBS, 
white worms, and a good quality flake. Keep the water clean. With few exceptions 
mine have always prefered a peice of red slate to spawn on. A 3"X3" piece 
should do. It seems they try to fill the piece up(within reason). Mine have 
always spawned right before lights out. They were always in the middle of it when 
the lights were going to go off so I leave the light on that night so as not to 
interupt the spawning. Get you Rams from a reputable breeder instead of a pet 
store. You can then know a little of the strains history. Watch out for the 
Asian rams. Many breeders there hormone the fish so they look bright when you 
get them. After you have them a while they bleach out. They are generally not 
good breeders either.
   Well there you go. That's about all the tricks I have. Sometimes you may 
just have a fish that isn't very fertile. Mant times if the spawn isn't large 
enough for the parents they won't waste their time, eat the fry and start over. 
Good luck. If you have more questions feel free to contact me off list.

Warren E. Berg Jr.
AKA Wormy

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