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Tanks and stands for sale (was Wife wants her guest room back :()

I have had a few people write to me and inquire about my tanks and tank
stands I will be selling.  Here is what will have avalible:

If you go to: http://home.bak.rr.com/alansfishroom/hardware.htm
you will see the 8 tank stand, and down near the bottom, the 6 tank setup.
I hand built the 8 tank stand.  All of the tanks in the stand are glass
except for the 3x 25 gallon tanks along the bottom, they are acrylic, but
they are in good shape.

The dims of the 8 tanks stand is 10' 2" long, by 2' 5" wide, by 5' 6 1/2"
tall.  You could place some more ten gallons along the top of the stand if
you wanted.  The stand has a built in electrical system, with outlets for
all of the 10 gallon tanks, and a 4 plex outlet for the 29 gallon tank.  A
regional air system has been set up for the 10 gallon tanks run off a tetra
deep pump.  All the filters on the 10 gallon tanks are Azoo foam filters.
The lights are just strip lights.

The 29 gallon tank is densly planted (it is my krib tank) and has a hot
magnum external filter.  It is light by a pair of power compact bulbs
(55watts I think).  The tank also includes a CO2 injection system with a 5
gallon tank, with a regulator and fine metering valve.  This is a great
plant tank, and has been up and running for over a year now.

The 3x 25 gallon tanks are old pets mart tanks that have been linked
together to form one tank system.  The filter is a wet-dry setup run by a
little giant pump.  The lighting is 4x 4' florecient grow bulbs.  two of the
tanks have substate in them and plants.

the 6 tank stand is all steel, and has 6x 27 gallon acrylic tanks.  These
tanks are kind of old, and have some scatches in them.  I am currently only
using 4 of the 6 tanks.  The tanks are lit by 2 shop lights, and each have
their own heaters, and Azoo foam filters.  You can see the tanks down near
the bottom of the web page I posted above.

I would rather not break up the tanks and stands.  I was hoping to get $1200
for the whole mess, and at that price I will aslo through in a dehumidifier
that is only about 2 months old. The dehumidifier is a sears 40 pint model.

I would like to get rid of them by the end of Feburary.
If anyone is interested in them, let me know.
--C. Alan

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