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Re: Looking for Apistogramma Aggassizzi Tefe

well your reasoning for wanting wild fish is valid yet it is also flawed. let 
me explain. It ois true that some hobbyists fail to keep their lines pure so 
you may have seen a tefe aggie that did not throw pure tefe this may have been 
because an unsuspecting hobbyist crossed it to another form of aggie 
something that may well happen. However I feel the benefits of tank bred fish are far 
greater!  Most Europeans and some (sadley very very few American hobbyists) 
AMerican breeders line breed Apistos and are far diffrent from the wild fish we 
see. We can call it line breeding or simply seriousl;y working with a species 
inorder to improve it not just color wise but also behavior wise. My point is 
that you will find A.agassizi tefe probably from Europe and you wont have the 
problems you discussed if you get them from a good source. Something all of us 
should do is work with apistos and keep a line of them going for a few years. 
something i find lacking in the states. Perhaps this will inspre others to do 
the same. Anyway there has been little talk out there so maybe this will 
renew some intrest. Or maybe give us something to argue about lol best fishes


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