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Hi guys,
	I'm all abuzz at having just pulled out 21 Apisto sp pandurini wrigglers, from 
wild-caught parents. I've raised a lot of apistos, but nothing this "soft water". I 
don't want to lose these guys, so, for those njisseni or pandurini breeders out there, I 
have some questions. If I get no answers, I'll just follow standard rearing procedure, 
but it's no use reinventing the wheel. Already, I'm surprised at how small these 
wrigglers are. I hope the yolk sac beefs them up fast.
	-how long do they take to absorb the yolk sac? (xmas is coming...gotta budget
	 time - I expect the usual, but....oh yeah, at 27 degrees c.)
	-I'm going to have to get them used to pH 7.4, 120 ppm water, as they age. They 
	 were spawned in rainwater at pH 6.5. The parents did fine (for maintenance) in
	 tap water conditions. When would you start easing the fry into harder water? 
	 This is the big question for me. If I'm gonna blow it, there's a likely place.
	-do you have any other observations?
						Thanks and happy holidays
							Gary Elson (Montreal)