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Re: Altispinosas & Rams

Tracie Alfieri wrote:
> <snip>
> > I have a problem, primarily with these 2 species developing some type of
> infection and gradually wasting away. It seems to be some type of
> urinary infection?? The anal area gets red and swollen and seems to have
> something resembling  fibers (sp) sticking out of it.

This sounds very much to me like a nematode infection, aka "roundworm".
If you try a postmortem exam with tweezers I expect you'll find those
fibers extend to worms up to 1cm long living in the intestine.
All the rams and altispinozas we get here in NZ come from Singapore and
I've never found any yet that weren't badly infected.The solution
-cattle drench!.
I've used levamisole.HCl at 5ppm sucessfully.If you havent any access to
a good chemical supply you should be able to pick some up as 'Nilverm'
from any agrochemical supplier. You'll only need a few ml so smile
nicely and you might get it for free. Failing that save up and try a vet
that handles cattle,sheep horses and the like.
Best of luck

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