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Re: Altispinosas & Rams

On Mon, 3 Mar 1997, Ken Laidlaw wrote:

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> Dear Tracie,
> Fibres sticking out of the fish, sounds like the nematode worm
> "Cammallanus"  When the fish moves forward look closely and you may see
> them moving back up into the fish.  I have succesfully treated this in the
> past using a drug called Levamisole Hydrochloride recommended by a vet.
> It is actually a cattle worming drug.  In the UK at least you can purchase
> it without prescription from farmyard suppliers.
> Ken.L

Ken and anyone else out there,

This topic came up in Seattle about a year ago.  The rec. treatment then 
was piperzine  ( levamisole was on the list as well).
I was told this is actually spread or can be caught from feeding live 
tubifex.  Do you know anything about this.

I have heard over and over not to feed live tubifex to Apisto's, never 
have fed them at all, but curious what everyone else's experience is.

I know David Soares does not like to feed them at all.


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