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Hi all,
	A couple of months ago I drove you all crazy with my 'neo-pandurini' debate, 
when I wanted to see if anyone else had lucked into what appears to be a bridge 
species/form between pandurini and njisseni. Now, they've spawned and I have a dozen or 
so healthy, but young, fry. Assuming (big assumption) they survive, what should I call 
them? sp. affinis undescribed?  a killie-style number tag? If the young eventually breed 
true, then they probably aren't a cross, and from the importation history, I think they 
are what they appear to be - a bridge. If I can spread some around (another big 
assumption), there should be a way of keeping them distinct from their relatives, and 
names go a long way.
	What would you do?
	Gary (Montreal)

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