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Nematode treatment.

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Here is the treatment doseage I have used to successfully treat
Cammallanus nematode infestation.

Drug - Levacide (TM) = Levamisole Hydrochloride 7.5% concentration.
       Note: different concentrations can be used e.g. 1,5% just adjust
       quantity accordingly.

Dose - 1ml in 7.5litres of tank water.  First mix required quantity in
       luke warm water. Then pour into tank.
       After 24 hours perform 100% water change if possible.
       Treat all tanks and fish not just those showing signs of

The amount available from farm suppliers (usually 0.5l) is obviously
enough to treat 3750l (approx 900 gallons) so it is quite affordable.
This amount cost $18UK = $25US.  If you have given fish to friends you
could also treat there tanks.


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