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Re: Basic Questions

On Wed, 19 Mar 1997, Rusty Witek wrote:

> advice on whether it's even worth trying for me.  Our water here ranges
> from c. 7.4-7.7 and is hard (I don'thave the figures handy, but can get

> 1) Is it possible to keep any species of apistos in this water?  My single
> cichlid-keeping trick has always been Regular Partial Water Changes, so
> manipulating the PH has always been a losing proposition: just about the
> time I finally get the tank's PH down a bit, it's time to do water
> changes.

I bred A. agassizii and A. cacatuoides in the hard water of southern
Indiana. I did nothing to adjust hardness or pH. So at least some
species will breed under these conditions.  
> 2) Is live food a must for keeping (as opposed to spawning) apistos?  I
> don't mind working at my fishkeeping, but my attempts at keeping a steady
> supply of baby brine on hand have made the task seem pretty onerous.

Right now, I have A. caetei with fry receivng flake food and frozen bs.
I usually keep bs nauplii going, but I haven't for the past week or
so because of other demands on my time. I'm also maintaining A. borelli,
A. agassizii, and an unidentified Apistogramma mostly on flake and frozen
bs with occasional bs nauplii.

I have found Apistogrammas rather unpredicatable. Some fish seem
determined to die no matter how well I treat them, and others survive
and breed despite relative neglect. I just keep getting them and
cherish the ones that do well in my fish room.


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