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Re: Gary's "neo-pandurini"

Lisa and all.......Lisa brings up Dave Soares.  We....The Tampa Bay Aquarium
Society....had Dave as our speaker at our 'yearly' show.........he did a suburb
job!  He is quite out of the ordinary in that he leaves his stuffed shirt where
it belongs.  He spoke for 1 1/2 +hrs and showed us slides of apisto's no one
has ever seen in this country.  The slides were of professional quality, and as
interesting were the slides of the habitat of Apisto's.  If you get a chance to
have him speak.........do so.  If you have to drive a couple of hours to hear
him speak do so!   By the way........as 'amateurish' as it is.......come visit
the Tampa Bay Aquarium Society at:

                  <A HREF="http://www.aka.org/TBAS/TBAS.html">http://www.aka.org/TBAS/TBAS.html</A>              we are getting
better at 'webbing'........we are always trying.

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