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Re: A. tocoroi

<bold>apisto=40majordomo.pobox.com,Internet writes:

</bold><x-quoted>A few weeks ago a friend of mine bought some fishes in Ger=
many that were

sold as Apistogramma tocoroi. Neither he, nor I have heard of this Apisto

before. Is there anyone that know anything about this fish?</x-quoted>

Kaj............If the fish in question has 5-6 horizontal stripes on the bo=
dy then substitute a u for all of your o's.  Pardon my spelling as I'm at w=
ork not at home where my books are....but try A. sp'tucurri'......this fish=
 is listed in the Stake-Linke  'Tetra book'.  Have a good day.........nifty=
 fish if that's the one=21



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