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Re: Why are we all whispering? -Reply

>>Hey.............anyone up for some trades?<<

I'm a newbie with nothing' to trade as yet (Apistos that is). 
Would you be interested in cash or a chit for future spawns? 
I currently have six young Kribs (Pelvicachromis pulcher),
Julidochromis transcriptus "Gombi" (2), Telmatochromis
bifrenatus (2) and a mated pair of Gold Angelfish
(Pterophyllum scalare).

I had more Juli's and teli's, but that's a long and sad story. 
The Kribs may start sexing out soon and the Angels have
layed eggs 3 times, but I haven't raised any fry yet (part of
that long and sad story).  The next couple of weeks are crazy
with a trip to Orlando and then to St. Louis for the American
Killifish Association convention.  But then I plan on focusing
on the Angels to raise a spawn and maybe the Kribs will be
amorous by then as well.

Let me know if any of these interest you.  I would also be
inclined to part with the juli's and teli's.  They're about 6
month old and I haven't sexed them.

BTW - where are you located.

Bill Vannerson
McHenry, IL USA