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Re: Reverse Osmosis Units

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> It's hard to beat Fredrik's response. I bought mine at Price Club quite a few
> years ago, and the original membrane is *still* going strong.
> Wright
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Life-expectance for RO-membranes?

One thing that I've never seen mentioned is how (or if) the life-span
of the membrane is affected by not only age but also amount of water
that's passing. Something tells me that you "wear out" the membrane
running it at full speed every day but no info I've found concurrs
(only age is mentioned, 3-6 yrs if properly maintained for my unit).

Wright, you say your membrane is still good after several (=?) years.
How hard have you been using the unit? Just curious.

The operating manual for my unit says that if it's not used for a longer
period of time one should use a desinfectant to preserve the membrane.
Will flowing water have the same or the opposite effect?


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Fredrik Ljungberg, Linkoping, Sweden