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Hi all,
	It's nice to be back - thanks frank and richard.
	I have some wild-caught cacatuoides from the rio ucayali. It's a lovely
morph - the male has astomishing dorsal extensions. When they spawn,
they leave me with pleasant questions. the male cruises right into the
cloud of fry, mouths them and moves them right in with the female. I
haven't seen cacas do this before, if lucky, males have been tolerated
in sight of the fry. I've never see one care for the fry before. Is this
just something I've missed, a wild-fish phenom, or something odd?
	well, my double-red caca juveniles are colouring up, and I have two
hefty spawns of Nannacara taenia, so fish life is good. Glad to find the
list running again.