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Re: cacaquestion

Tom Mroz wrote:
> Gary - I don't have an answer to your question, other than I have seen
> quite variable behavior in dwarf cichlids even within a species/morph.  I
> was wondering what base color your wild caughts are.  I picked up some
> unusual spotted (wild) cacatuoides back in the fall, and was wondering if
> these have been seen elsewhere.
> Tom
> Hi tom,
	there's a local importer who's a friend, so I see a lot of wild
cacatuoides. The Rio Ucayali has a yellow base colour - lighter than the
selected red types but in the same league for patterning. The red-brown
edges dorsal on a 3.5cm male can be 2 to 3 cm high, which is impressive.
It'll be intersting to see what the fry show down the line.
	I've recently seen wild reds, with lower dorsals but some fairly
electric, if tiny, red spotting on the caudal. There have also been nice
blue cacatuoides around. I haven't seen any unusual spotting on any of
them, but I think the levels of importation of apistos have gone up. My
local pet shop has borellis, cacatuoides red and agas. I used to see
apistos once very year or so, now they're more common. I think we're
going to see a lot of morphs we haven't seen before if this keeps up.
Fun, eh?