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Re: Red Apistos -Reply

>>> "Darren J. Hanson" <djhanson@calweb.com> 02/26/98 08:43am >>>
>We've talked to a few stores about this, and some of them just have a
>policy of labeling them with whatever name they came in with from the
>wholesaler, even if they know it's something else.
>The wholesalers as well will only mark whatever name is sent with the =
>on their lists.

It is always interesting what is in the stores.  Saw fish labeled last =
week as ortmani that were steindachneri, and ayachucho (?sp) that were =
predominantly breitbinden with 2-3 ayachucho out of 30 fish, also =
trifasciata that were all rotpunkt except 1 trifasciata and possibly two.  =
The favorite one in our area lately is labelling everything as aggies.  =
Have seen gibbiceps and bitaeniata (okay I can't spell today, and actually =
spelling is not my strong point), both under this label.  It always makes =
for a mystery identification and can be fun but frustrating as well if you =
unknowingly pick up two fish and get two species, let alone the right =


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