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Re: Red Apistos -Reply

>>> Ken Laidlaw <K.Laidlaw@roe.ac.uk> 02/26/98 12:18am >>>

 I have
> three individuals: two are ~4.5cm and yellow with black markings (mature =
> maturing) and the other is ~3cm and a paler gray color (immature).  The =
> both have black spots by the pectorals, so I assume that they are =

>Both males and females have a pectoral spot, especially=20
>visible on the  males when  young.  These fish are not too=20
>easy to sex when small, look for a green metallic colour on=20
>the operculum, these are likely to be males.

I agree with Ken on this.  I picked up four fish from 3 stores as =
contaminants.  They grey into 3 females and one male.  The male did have a =
pectoral spot when young but grew out of it later when in full coloration =
I believe ( i will double check with Erik on this).  Lokking at aqualog =
the adult males didn't have pectoral spots.   Lars....if you can't find =
any up there Seattle definetly does have some (mislabelled) and there is a =
local member spawning them as well.=20


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