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Re: Water parameters

Hello Heather & Mike,

I live in Toronto and regularly spawn a pair of triple red A. cacatuoides in
water that is about 10 GH, 3 KH, and pH 7.6.  I soften/acidify water for
some other dwarfs, but these guys don't seem to care.

You say your pH took a jump from 7 to 7.6.  Did you take that first reading
right after a water change?  Sometimes a tank can become more acidic
immediately after a water change.  I believe this is because of the
dissolved CO2 in solution.  The tank will become more basic as the CO2
escapes.  For dwarves that I soften the water for I let it sit out overnight
before I alter pH and do water changes.  I put tapwater as is into the A.
cacatuoides tank and they don't seem to mind.

Hope this helps.