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Re: Water parameters

Heather writes:

<< I have been planning to start up my first apistos tank - probably a.
> caucatoides, borelli, mcmasteri or agassizi.  I just did a routine water
> test in my existing tanks (corys, angels, tetras) and discover that my Ph
> level has taken a jump from 7.0 to 7.6.
> Kh is 3, Gh is 7.
>  Ammonia and nitrites are 0.  Nitrates >20 <30.<Snip>

<Snip> Should I be concerned about the Ph level?>

Keeping the pH in the range of 6.3 will theoretically improve sex ratios of
fry to somewhere around 50/50 (assuming that is what you want)

> What might cause it to jump like that?  I haven't been using anything to
 alter levels.<snip>

I would suspect you have a rock or seashells or coral or something along that
line that is buffering the pH upward.  I had some pumice-type stuff last year
that tested safe, but drove me nuts until I took it out of the tanks.

<snip> Do the Gh - Kh levels seem reasonable?>

They could be better, I try to maintain my GH at around 3 or less (this
includes KH as a component of the total)

> I understand that of my 4 choices for apisto starters the caucatoides is
> probably the most tolerant of water conditions - is this correct?<snip>>

That is the general consensus.  I have kept aggies in the condidtions you
currently have, so don't rule them out.  I suspect all four of the species you
are considering will survive in what you currently have to offer.  You could
go ahead and get them, and make small adjustments as you gain experience,
until you reach the "ideal" of soft, acidic water.

Bob Dixon