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Parasitized Apistogrammoides

Hi folks,

I recently picked up some Apistogrammoides pucallpaensis and after a few
weeks of what seemed to be excellent health and vigor, they are starting to
go down. None have died as of yet, but they have stopped eating, feces are
stringy, bellies pinched, and a lot of time spent sitting on the bottom of
the aquarium. All water chemistry parameters are excellent, they have come
in to contact with no other fish (they are being quarantined). Any
suggestions on this one? It looks to me like the symptoms of an internal
parasite. I have been treating with Paragon II, an anit-parasite med that
contains metrondiazole. Things seem to be getting progressively worse and
I'm really sick at the thought of losing these fish which had recently
shown so much promise. All suggestions welcomed. Thanks - Steve Waldron