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Re: Water parameters -Reply

>>> IDMiamiBob <IDMiamiBob@aol.com> 03/02/98 08:43pm >>>

I would suspect you have a rock or seashells or coral or something along =
line that is buffering the pH upward.  I had some pumice-type stuff last =
that tested safe, but drove me nuts until I took it out of the tanks.


We had the same problem with one tank, turns out the gravel had fine/crushe=
d sea shells in it.  One test for that is too take a sample of gravel (not =
too wet) and add vinegar too it and see if it bubbles.

We  now don't use that gravel in the APisto tanks, save it for the =
Africans. =20

Erik may recall the name of the gravel, but I don't.  It was specifically =
being sold for aquariums as well (Texas ?)