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HI Folks

Let me introduce myself,, I have been lurking here for about a week or   

My name is Vicky Brown, and I live in Ottawa, Canada. I have been in the   
fishy hobby for a little over two years now, and am totally addicted. I   
have 20 tanks on the go now, and breed guppies, panda corydoras,   
swordtails, platies, and 3 strains of angels.  I have joined your great   
group, from information people were kind enough to give me from the   
cichlid news group. I posted a note there a couple of weeks ago, about my   
new little beauties.

Two weeks I was very lucky to receive a wonderful present from a dear   
friend of mine. He has a 58 gallon plant tank, that he is in the process   
of converting to  marine reef, and he has given me most of the fish that   
lived in the tank.  I received a bucket full of little fish, two Sundays   
ago. A whole tank of Amazon plants, a whole bunch of Otto Cats (20), 14   
Cardinal Tetras, and the real beauties, a group of 10 Apistos!!

These are the species,, It took me quite awhile to figure out who was   
who, (lot's of "nose pressed to the tank, with book in my lap, nights")

Agassizii  - 1 male, no female, I'll need to get him a couple of females.   
He is four inches in length, and is absolutely gorgeous.

Cacatuiodes - 1 male, 1 female, (I went to my pet store, and purchased 2   
more females and 1 more male, I just couldn't stop myself,, grin!!).

Biatianata - 2 males, 3 females, and they have a nice territory set up,   
and one of the males  is doing funky dances for the females, I think they   
all like each other.

Nijsseni - 1 female, and she is very aggressive, and chases every one,   
but doesn't seem to bite anyone. I'll have to find her a boyfriend.   
Anyone know about these guys, and why she is so agressive?  (I ended up   
moving her to another tank a couple of days ago, she is now living with   
some angel fish, and has taken over the whole bottom of that tank)

And one fish, I can't find in any of the books I have bought. I think   
it's a female, though, and have no idea what type it is. I'll let you all   
know if I ever identiify this fish. (I also put this little guy in with   
the Nijsseni, for company, and they hang out together)

I rushed out the same day I received these fish, and bought another 20   
gallon tank, for them to live in. The tank is cycled now, and heavily   
planted, with little flower pots separated by thickets of anubis. The   
fish have settled in nicely, and are at ease, and swim at all layers of   
the tank. The Agassizii swims around looking very majestic.

I already love these little guys!!! They are so cool to watch.  They move   
gravel around with their mouths,,, VBG!!  I sure wish I had more room for   
more tanks,, maybe start getting rid of furniture,,,,,,,, :).

About the angel thread,,

I have a pair of black super veil angels, and when they are taking care   
of eggs or fry, they both are vicious. I had the male grab the skin on   
the top of my hand, and he shook it like a dog with a bone.  They also   
head butt me if I am in the tank too long. They have sharp little teeth,   
and you definitely feel it when they bite you!!
Considering the size of us, and the size of them, these fish have more   
courage, and would probably fight to the death to protect their young.  I   
am always impressed when I watch my angels, and their babies. I have 3   
mated pairs right now, plus another 10 angels, that I'm waiting to see if   
some pair up.



>When my Angels spawn, they don't even get along with me.

>>>>>>>>>BIG SNIP<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>Hahahaha!  Well said.  =:>/).  I was doing a water change last week when   
>Angels were fanning eggs and Dad bit me!  Boy, did I jump!  Felt like a
>little electric shock.
>I'm interested in more details of this fellows experience.