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ACA -Reply

>>  I did hear it is at St Louis but not much else.<<

There' show information on the ACA web site:


Here's the line up so far:

Apistogramma Study Group
Marco T. Lacerda 
Apisto Farming in Brazil 

Cichlasoma Study Group 
Rusty Wessel
Cichlids of Belize

Discus Study Group 
(Not yet scheduled)
Don Conkel
Cichlid Liquid - American Style Husbandry

Dr. Ruth Francis Floyd 
Fish Health Management 

Charlie Grimes 
Cichlids and Plants 

Ad Konings 
Tanganyikan Cichlids 

Dr. Wayne Leibel
Acara's and Eartheaters 

Dr. Peter Lewis 
Photography Workshop 

Dr. Paul Loiselle 
West African Dwarf Cichlids
Madagascar Cichlids 

Steve Somermeyer 
Rift Lake Cichlids 

Bill Vannerson