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Re: Altaspinosa Fry

At 12:05 PM 3/6/98 -0600, Tim Ellis wrote:
>Hello out there in cyber world,
>I was wondering if anyone out there has bred and raised these rams. This
>is my first try.  How long can you leave them with the parents or does
>it matter? Would a couple of small Blue rams eat them? How long before
>the are large enough to be safe? What do you feed them and how often and
>how long? How old should they be before I offer them to the pet shops?
Hi Tim

I have been breeding the Bolivian Rams for 4 years now. I breed them in
straight RO water. Right now my pair is in a 20 gallon by themselves with a
Hydro-Sponge #5, a 3" flower pot on it's side and a log that is about 8"
long and approx. 3" wide. It is only about 1" thick at most. I feed the
parents flakes, live worms, newly hatched brine shrimp.

I left my last spawn with them till they seemed to be ignoring the fry, at
about 3 weeks. I have been feeding them newly hatched brine shrimp,
deencapsulated shrimp cysts, and have started adding ground flakes 3 - 4
times per day. If you want to actually breed and raise the fry, don't put
any other fish in the tank with them. At an inch and a half they should be
large enough to sell to the stores.