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Re: Altaspinosa Fry


How about large brine shrimp for the adults? I've been told they have very little
nutritional value. They sure do like em! I have also been giving them frozen
blood worms. Do you know much about the live worms I've been hearing about(white
worms?, black worms?)
I am giving the fry baby brine shrimp, but the adults seem to ignore it. Taking
the tank size in to consideration(70 gallon) are there any other apisto's that
might feel at home enough in there that would be worth trying to breed? Or do I
need to start another tank? I would like to try some other ones.


Tim Ellis wrote:

> Hello out there in cyber world,
> I was wondering if anyone out there has bred and raised these rams. This
> is my first try.  How long can you leave them with the parents or does
> it matter? Would a couple of small Blue rams eat them? How long before
> the are large enough to be safe? What do you feed them and how often and
> how long? How old should they be before I offer them to the pet shops?
> Tim
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