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Re: A. bitaeniata

 Hi to Everyone,,

     IThis really has nothing to do with this question, but, I have a
pair of Agassizs! and in the tank (55 gal) I have some angels,Rams or
Thomasis, tetras & live beareres, What other kinds of Apistos could I
put in this tank? And is there a place on the net that I can find
pictures of the various kinds? Thank you all very much.

AP>L Brinkman writes:

AP><< I'm hoping you can help me out.  I bought a small group of these fish
AP>> on the weekend (wild caught!).  However I have only a small amount of
AP>> info on them.  How do you tell males from females? >

AP>Males get larger, have more lyrate tails, and darker bodies over all.

AP>> How big do they have to be to breed?  Any info would be greatly appreciate
AP>I have had them breed when the males were about an inch and a quarter (30mm?
AP>"Standard" apisto water conditions are fine- hardness below 90 ppm, pH in th
AP>6's, temp around 80F.
AP>Nice find-  They have a certain regalness to them.  I'm sure you'll be reall
AP>happy with them


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