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Hi Folks,,

I noticed that my mail program must have spewed a bit on Friday. I'm   
running Outlook and am still getting used to it.  I noticed a couple of   
unfinished e-mails in the Digest. My apologies!!

Bob Dixon, gave me good advice on not putting Angels in with Apistos.   
 The Apistos will remain in their species tank, with Cardinals as dither.

I just had this really cool image in my mind of the angels raising their   
fry, with the little dwarfs and their fry, swimming around on the bottom.   
 Maybe this would work in a 50 gallon or larger tank. Read into this,, I   
need more tanks,, more is better!! GRIN!!

Apisto Romance!!

A male and female Cacatuoides started courting yesterday.  She is turning   
yellow, and his red is the colour of fire!!  They staked out a flower   
pot, and keep chasing everyone else away.  The Agassijii male kept   
chasing them away from the pot they had staked out.  The two males   
actually even did a little fighting!! I started feeling a bit sorry for   
the couple, and when they were both in the flower pot, I picked them up   
pot and all, and moved them into a 10 gallon tank all to themselves. This   
morning they were sleeping in their little pot together,, too cute!!

After they had their breakfast, they both started doing funky dances for   
each other, and keep cleaning the inside of the flowerpot!! The female   
keeps rubbing up against the male, and he pumps up his dorsal and caudal   
fins, to show off to her.


  William Groth, was wondering about tank size.  I use 20 gallon tall   
tanks for my angels. I have one pair, of black super veils who have lived   
in a 20 gallon tank all to themselves, for almost 2 years now, and this   
couple spawn every 2 weeks or so, without fail. I think the dimensions   
are 24 inches long, 12 inches in width, and about 24 inches tall. This   
pair of angels are fairly large, and they are pretty tame, when not   
protecting babies, but vicious when they are brooding. They are the ones   
that keep biting me, when I try to clean their tank

Heather and Mike say,,
>Vicky - so glad to "meet" you!  We live in Perth, Ont. and >are even   
newer than you.  We've been at this for about >a year - started it up for   
the kids - they got bored, we got >hooked.  Not as badly as you, only 3   
tanks running, one >in waiting and hundreds on the wish list :>).  Must   
admit, >I'm absolutely green with envy - a bucketful of fishy >treasure!   
 I am still in the dreaming stages with Apistos.
>Currently keeping Angels, corys and tetras.
>What shops do you like in Ottawa?  We have found a >shop in Kingston   
that we really like, but nothing too out >of the ordinary to be found   
>See you 'round the groups.

HI Heather and Mike,,

Glad to virtually meet you also. I travel to Perth quite a bit in the   
summer on my 2 Harleys, (one at a time), and I go out to Cameron's Harley   

I kinda like Aquarium Services, West-End store, (I bought 3 Cacautoides   
from them, and two of them are the ones courting right now), but you have   
to be very careful when you buy fish, I like to quarantine any fish from   
I buy from any of the shops. My tanks are pretty well self replicating,   
so I don't buy fish very often these days. I seem to find new baby fish   
every few days in most of my tanks, especially the live bearer tanks.

I can't wait for the 2 new Pet Smarts to open up. These look like they   
will be huge stores. I think they are called "Pet Smart", or something   
like it.

If you want, give me a call at 613-722-8604.

Vicky and her fishy buddies.