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Re: A.Caucatoides - finally saw one! -Reply


I don't know what part of the country your in but I wish I were closer. My lfs has a 50 gal. full of orange Cacatoides, but at 25.00 a shot I'm some-what hesitant. Sure are pretty fish though. Won't be long and I will break down and buy a couple, I'm sure.


Kathryn Olson wrote:

> Heather,
> If you can try to find local people that raise cacatuoides.  I know that the fish stores give me 1/3 of the asking price for the fish.  When we had cacatuoides they were coming out our ears and I ended up giving starter packs to local club members with 3-4 females and 1-2 males.  Still I do know club people up here that have them for $3-5 each.
> Kathy
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