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Re: Death by black worm

I suspect that it was not a black worm, but a leech. These are sometimes
found with black worms. It also seems the larger the black worms the more
leeches you find. I would get the fish out of the tank as soon as you can.
The leech might leave the host and remain in the tank to live of other tank
mates. I would disect the fish to be sure the leach is not in the tank
(that is if its dead now). Its not that hard after all your not doing a
science project. If its still alive look behind the gills. Sometimes you
will be able to see it there. If the leech is there you can remove it with
care making sure you remove its head.

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> From: Matthew Diller <mdiller@MAIL.LAWNET.FORDHAM.EDU>
> To: apisto@majordomo.pobox.com
> Subject: Re:  Death by black worm
> Date: Monday, March 09, 1998 2:32 PM
> This morning I was feeding some delectable black worms to my large
healthy male a. cauc.  when he suddenly freaked out and went rigid.  He
recovered a bit, but sat on the bottom looking ill.  I am at work now, but
my wife reports from home  that it does not look good.  Can a black worm (I
guess a relative of tubifex) really kill a fish?
>                         Matt Diller
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