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Re: Death by black worm

Matthew Diller wrote:

> This morning I was feeding some delectable black worms to my large healthy male a. cauc.  when he suddenly freaked out and went rigid.  He recovered a bit, but sat on the bottom looking ill.  I am at work now, but my wife reports from home  that it does not look good.  Can a black worm (I guess a relative of tubifex) really kill a fish?
>                         Matt Diller

I've never heard conclusive proof that black worms will kill.  Any live foods can harbor diseases, but they certainly won't kill that fast.  But I can relate your experience to one I had.

My worms froze.  I thought I could feed them anyway--similar to frozen fish foods.  I think I fed to three or four tanks.  Nearly all cichlids were dead the next day.  My assumption is that black worms become toxic if they freeze.  Could that have happened to your worms?

- --Randy