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Re: CO2 injection to regulate Ph

>Can it be regulated
>to maintain a desired level once it is there?  TIA
Why mess with the DIY yeast for CO2?

The best place to get info on CO2 addition is 
	Aquatic-Plants-Owner@actwin.com.  This is the planted tank people and 
most of us use CO2 addition as fertilizer and  or to lower the pH.

I personally would rather spend the time growing fruit flies or working 
on my tanks than messing with the yeast system.  I use bottled CO2.

Do you just bubble it into the tank or do you do something to make it 
dissolve easier?

I put my through Lees air diffusers (cheap) that generate very fine 
bubbles.  I also have a needle valve that I use to contol the flow.  I 
also used some clear 1/2" flexible tubing and made a loop.  I filled it 
partially with water and count the bubbles to get an idea of the flow 
rate and make the necessary adjustments to keep the pH around 6.4.

I know some people have had to put in a bypass valve to relieve the 
excess capacity of their generators.

Check out the Krib for more info