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I haven't been on the list too long, but have found it very informational.
Having mostly Pelvicachromis dwarfs I often find myself with an unusual
one. I have a pair and an extra male of the Pelvic. "Guinea". I have seen
them listed as "purple humilis" among others.
I would really like to find and purchase atleast one more female. Does
anyone have these or know someone that does. I would be glad to even send
my male to someone with a female. These have not been imported often. They
are very beautiful and I would like to see them kept in the hobby for
others to enjoy. If anyone can help please post privately as to not
interfere with the list proceedings.
As a note to one of the recent topics, I visited a friend today with a trio
of wild Apisto nijsseni. They are in a 10 gal tank with clay pot caves. He
has had them less than 30 days and both females have fry. The male is about
7.5 cm . The females are 5cm and 4cm. The females show some hostility to
each other and the male seems to stay between them and keep the peace. They
are really quite spectacular in full colors.

Thanks in advance for the help
Mike Downey