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new Baensch index book!

I just got my copy of the new photo index for Baensch volumes 1 through 5.  You
may recall that I reported volume 5 to have over 30 Apisto species
listed/pictured.  Well, this new book groups together all Apisto photos from all 5
volumes into this one book. (I counted 97 photos, some species respresented
multiple times.)

The book may be in German, but being that it is primarily a photo index, it still
has great value for us English-only Americans.

Right now, this new volume is available only in Europe, but I would imagine that
some of the aquatic book dealers will be able to import it and offer it.  I'm
going to contact a couple of them to suggest it.

I wrote a review/summary of this atlas and posted it on my site.  If I get info on
how to get it here in the U.S., I'll add that info to my review.


- --Randy