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Bad idea

Thomas wrote: <<<<<<
tea as softener seems a little exotic. But i heard of benefits of black
tea in
breeding congo tetras (...).
Tea helps: Tea is used in breeding as sterilizer as well as softener and
source for lower pH. Additionaly should be added that fresh tea is
blamed to be
agressive and may damage fish -  water must age a little 3 or 4 days.
Dosage ???
(not sure: about 1 cup of tea per 10 L).

and Lilia Stepanova wrote:
The idea behind adding black tea was like this. I checked pH in my tank,
and it 
was 7.6. I dont know how long it stayed that high - from several hours
around a week. I knew female A.cruzi was going to spawn that evening or 
next morning, (she was spawning unsucsessfully every 11-12 days, three 
times total) and I did not have any peat to replace peat filter. So, I 
looked for substitutes, tea first coming in mind. So, tea lowered pH to 
6.25, female spawned next morning. She was much more agressive then 
usual, attacked even me, and I decided not to disturb anything in the 
tank, including putting new peat filter.  >>>>>>>>>

OK, I understand that this was done for a perceived reason, 
and I believe that in some special situations there are reports, 
probably anecdotal, of some beneficial effects. I did not know that,
and it's interesting to hear those things.
However, I suspect that it works primarily as an artificial
stimulant of the nervous system, and as such I personally
would not find it appropriate as a peat substitute. 

Dionigi Maladorno
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