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Re: pH -Reply

>>> Tim Ellis <timellis@flash.net> 03/19/98 12:04pm >>>

>Iguess the real question I have is what kind of filter should I use in a =
20 >gallon breeder to take advantage of peat usage. I currently am trying =
a >small wisper air driven in the tank pump in a ten gallon. Not sure how =
to >use peat with that setup.


When we used peat it was in box filters, so that was nice.  I know one guy =
who layered it under his substrate....but watch out....his built up some =
gas and showered him with debry..if he is still on the list perhaps he =
will elaborate, because I believe he still uses it.  I have also heard of =
it being placed in eheims....

Erik is the technical wizard in the household (even though my BS was in =
Chemistry), so we'll see if he has anything to add.