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Re: Ram Fry Problems

Thanks Aaron and everyone else for your suggestions.

The food issue is one I was thinking of too.  I was feeding the TetraMin baby
food for egglayers, tho I have been told that even this is too big.  I had a
'culture!' of infusoria that I made from instructions from the FAQ and other
sources but it ended up looking so ummm revolting that I was loath to add it to
the tank.  I have since obtained a clean culture of controlled infusoria from a
LFS ($9!!!! for a jar of slightly murky water !)

Now I'm waiting for them to lay again and see what happens  - hopefully I can
manage this without tooo much experimentation.  The first time I took their eggs
away they took almost a month before they laid again, so Im expecting them to lay
within the next 10 days or so. (The male is ready........ just the girlie isnt -
sound familiar :)

I also have my first pair of krib's in the 50 gal community tank that I bought 8
days ago and have spawned already.  However they have spawned inside a clam shell
- - me being a little slow to get around to terracotta pots and stuff - any one
think the shell will affect the egg/fry growth?  The male is vigorously defending
the territory from all and sundry so  I'm hoping they will get to raise the fry.


Kerrigan's Aquatics wrote:

> Steph,sounds like you are doing everything okay.Where you may have gone
> wrong is the fry were starving to death.What were you feeding them?I
> usually feed micro worms and baby fish food for egg layers.Some of the baby
> brine shrimp on the market is way to large for thier mouths.As for cleaning
> the fry tank,I usually use a piece of airline tubing.It is slow going but
> gets the job done.I do this about every other day. One other note,I like to
> use Acriflavine instead of Methelene Blue because I feel I get a higher
> hatch and survival rate.I think the Methelene Blue is too strong.Anybody
> have similar problems?
> Aaron
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> > From: Steph & Dave <caligula@curie.dialix.com.au>
> > To: Apisto Mailing List <apisto@majordomo.pobox.com>
> > Subject: Ram Fry Problems
> > Date: Monday, March 23, 1998 1:29 AM
> >
> > Hi All
> >
> > Im looking for suggestions and info on raising Ram fry successfully. :)
> >
> > I had a spawn that I hatched artificially but all fry died progressively
> > over the first 6 days.  They never seemed to truly develop into free
> > swimming fry, staying on the bottom of the fry tank.
> >
> > I saw a previous article about belly sliders and was wondering if this
> > is what happened and what to do to prevent this.
> >
> > My current routine with the spawn is to :
> > - setup a 5 gal tank with water from the parents tank, (ph 6.4, 50ppm
> > hardness)
> > - move the rock with the eggs on it into the tank - carefully not
> > exposing them to air
> > - i set up a sponge with a airstone thru it as a primitive sponge filter
> > and but otherwise run a bare tank - the sponge comes out of a
> > established tank
> > - place eggs near air stone to get a water current over them
> > - add some fungicide
> >
> > Has anyone got any suggestions about doing water changes?
> > In such a small volume I am a bit cautious?  Should I leave the water
> > untouched for say 10 days, change every day, or something inbetween
> > ?????
> >
> > If babies die, how do you remove them from the tank to prevent further
> > contamination?
> >
> > Any suggestions would be appreciated,
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > Steph
> >
> >
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